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The high performance LU19HS sensor is integrated in the Cyclone-2-2000 camera. The sensor operates in global shutter mode and is available in a monochrome version as well as a color version. Signal processing in the Cyclone-2-2000 is optimized for low noise. At full HD Resolution of 2 MPixel this CamPerfrom-Cyclone series camera provides more than 2,000 Frames per second. At reduced image height, framerate can be increased well beyond this.
The flexibility of the Cyclone-2-2000 makes it the ideal camera for various applications but particularly for 2D/3D measurements.

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Resolution (H x V) Frames / second

1,920 x 1,080

2,166 fps

1,280 x 960

2,587 fps

640 x 480

5,143 fps

512 x 384

6,409 fps

256 x 8

177,955 fps

Model options

Article number Description / second


monochrome camera


color camera


Component / feature Value

Sensor Type

LUX19HS, grade 1


1,920 pixel x 1,080 pixel

Frame rate (full resolution)

20 .. 2,158 fps

Exposure time

4 µs .. 1 / frame rate

Active area

19.20 mm x 10.80 mm


22.03 mm

Pixel distance

10.0 µm x 10.0 µm

A/D conversion

8/10 bit

Sensitivity (Sensor)

20 V/lux·s @ 550 nm