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OptoScope SC-20 Systems

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SC-20 streak camera systems have a particularly large detection area of 35 mm x 4 mm as well as a large useful screen with 40 mm diagonal. Optical signals are focused onto the fiber optical input window without requirement of demagnification. The slit mask is used in direct contact with the input window. The mask can be exchanged. Alternatively to a fixed slit, the input optics can be completed with an adjustable slit and coupling optics as well as object lens mount and shutter. The SC-20 systems provide sub-Nanosecond temporal resolution for applications in the field of detonics and plasma physics research.

Fig.: SC-20 with IOS-20, TSU12-20 and Control Pad

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A SC-20 streak system consists of the main unit SC-20 with input optics, sweep unit and readout camera. An image intensifier can additionally be used. Spectral sensitivity is application adapted by selecting photocathode type. A photocathode gating function is integrated as standard. Image intensifier as well as readout camera are fiber optically coupled to obtain a compact system.

Main Unit SC-20
Photocathode /S20, /S25, /BI
Image intensifier II140 (optional)

Input optics
UV and visible range IOS-20

Sweep unit
Triggered TSU12-20

Readout camera
Cooled, SI1000-2k
Non cooled, 4:1 SRU-BX/40

Software OptoAnalyse: 
Hardware PC according to customer request

SC-20/S25 with IOS-20 and TSU12-20/F1 as well as SI1000-2k

Temporal resolution: <600 ps (single-shot)
Timebase: 120 ns – 3 µs
Wavelength range: 360 nm – 950 nm
Trigger frequency: 0 – 10 kHz
Readout time: ~6 sec
Applications: Plasma physics, detonics

SC-20/S25 with IOS-20/OV and TSU12-20 as well as SRU-BX/40

Temporal resolution: <1 ns (single-shot)
Timebase: 300 ns – 150 µs
Wavelength range: 360 nm – 950 nm
Trigger frequency: 0 – 10 Hz
Frame rate: 0 – 10 Hz
Applications: Plasma physics, detonics

Trigger Configurations

The temporal resolution of streak camera systems is determined by the streak camera itself but also by the trigger configuration used to synchronize the camera to the optical signal. When selecting the trigger configuration, trigger delay and temporal relation between optical and electrical signals need to be considered. Therefore, the selection of light source or exciting laser system has to be completed priot to consider a particular trigger configuration. This description provides an overview of typical setups. Select the distributor for your country here and ask for “AN-Trigger Configurations for Streak Cameras V2”.

Detonation Velocity of Explosives

The article describes how a streak camera is used to measure the detonation velocity by observing the optical radiation emitted from an explosive compound. Detonation velocity is a key characteristic of explosives and describes the velocity a chemical reaction propagates through the material. During the explosion a slit image is streaked to provide temporal and spatial information. As sweep speed can be selected over a large range, detonation velocities of slow but also very fast energetic materials can be measured. Select the distributor for your country here and ask for “AN-Detonation-Velocity”.

MATLAB Support

The format used by OptoAnalyse to save image information is described. This article provides examples how these image data can be read by MATLAB or how TIFF files can be generated automatically be using MATLAB. The examples will simplify the access to streak images for further analysis. Select the distributor for your country here and ask for “AN-MatLab Support”.


The programable delay and pulse generator DG645 (Stanford Research Systems) can be used for systems integrating the TSU12-10, TSU21-10 and TSU22-10 sweep units. In combination with the TSU11-10 jitter characteristics of the DG645 need to be considered. The DG645 can effectively be employed when externally triggerable light sources are used.

Datasheets SC-20 Systems

SC-20    Main Unit

IOS-20    Input Optics

TSU12-20    Sweep Unit

SI1000-2k    Readout Unit

SRU-BX    Readout Unit

OptoAnalyse    Control Software


Datasheets Accessories

DG645    Delay Generator


3D Models

The components of the SC-20 based streak System are available as 3D models in STEP and DWFX Format. Please ask here for the relevant components and format. We will be happy to send you the data.



Select the appropriate version for the readout camera you use. The manual provides information on compatibility with operating systems. Please note that downloading and use of the program and manual is only permitted as part of an update or for training on the product.

OptoAnalyse/SI V3.94   for SC-20 systems with SI 1000 and SI 1000-4k    

OptoAnalyse/B V3.95   for SC-20 systems with SRU-BX    

OptoAnalyse   Manual of currently released version    

OptoAnalyse/CI   Manual of currently released /CI option