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Optronis GmbH is an owner-managed company which aims to provide high-quality cameras for industry, science and research and to record high-speed operations. These are fast machine vision cameras, streak cameras and slow-motion cameras. These products are developed, manufactured and marketed by Optronis, and are designed for industrial applications and for basic research.

  • Optronis aims to satisfy or surpass customer expectations. Customers are seen as partners, whose interests are there to be identified and combined with those of Optronis. Customer consultancy and customer support establish the conditions for optimized use of our products. We aim to realize long-term customer relations, through loyalty and reliability.
  • Optronis acts with the intention of securing stable development of its business and ensuring jobs.
  • The success of Optronis is fundamentally based on the experience, commitment and creativity of its employees. Their ambition for professional and personal success is supported as fully as possible.
  • Products and processes are continuously being improved. This is a management responsibility.
  • Suppliers of key components are vital to the existence of Optronis. We aim to collaborate with them intensively and on a partnership basis.
  • We respect our competitors.
  • We take account of public interest and environmental considerations.
  • Optronis products and services are offered worldwide within the scope of statutory specifications.
    Marketing is undertaken directly or through established and competent retail partners. Optronis sees itself at all times as a responsible point of contact for all customers.