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The Sprinter-HD high-speed camera of the CamRecord-Sprinter series is equipped with a large-format, highly light-sensitive image sensor that records the fastest movements. Capturing at a rate of 3,500 images per second in full format and 12,000 images at a resolution of 1,280 x 240 pixels, the camera is suitable for making very fast object movements visible, right through to simple ballistics. This camera therefore solves demanding measurement tasks in fault analysis and quality assurance for particularly fast-moving objects. The Sprinter-HD is identical to the formally availabe CR-S3500 model.

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The Sprinter-HD camera is ideally suited for industrial applications. What makes these cameras user-friendly is a number of standard interfaces but particularly the availabilitly of standard lens attachments.

  • C-Mount
    For microscopy applications or for optimal adjustment of the object size to the sensor size. C-Mount lenses are low priced and due to their wide aperture particularly suitable for applications with high image refresh rates (frames per second).
  • F-Mount (Nikon)
    Allows using widespread Nikon-F lenses with mechanically adjustable aperture ring. Many fixed Focus models are available but also various zoom models.
  • FMG-Mount
    For standard applications with Nikon G-mount lenses. The aperture is adjusted using the ring located on the mount.
  • M42-Mount
    Industrial lenses with the choice of x1 or x0.75 (T2) thread pitch.

Ring memory

The Sprinter-HD is equipped with an 16 GB ring memory. After starting recording, the camera stores the image sequence continuously. After triggering, recording continues for a set time. This allows some response time for the exernal trigger detection sytsem.

Using the 16 GB memory, it can store the recording over a period of 4 seconds, at full resolution and speed. This option for checking more extended process flows is of particular benefit if it is difficult to assess the particular point at which a fault arises in the process.


There are several connections on the aluminium camera housing:

  • Mechanical interface
    Sturdy stainless steel camera mount with either 4 x M4 screws or photographic thread (¼-20 UNC)
  • Fast GigE interface
    High download speeds from the image memory to the memory of the connected PC
  • External trigger and synchronization interface
    Connection for various trigger sources (e.g. mechanical switch) and synchronization to motion-dependent image refresh rates
  • SSD Slot
    Plugin for a SSD harddisk


Resolution (H x V)Frames / second

1.280 x 860

3.504 fps

1.280 x 720

4.168 fps

800 x 600

4.974 fps

640 x 480

6.168 fps

320 x 240

11.862 fps

160 x 120

22.030 fps

1.280 x 8

110.154 fps

Model options

Article numberDescription / second


monochrome camera


color camera


Component / featureValue

Sensor resolution

1.280 x 860

Frame rate @ max. sensor res.

3.500 fps

Image sensor

Global Shutter CMOS

Exposure time

2 µs - 1/Framerate

Active area

17.5 mm x 11.8 mm

Sensor diagonal dimension

21.1 mm

Pixel size

13.7 µm

A/D conversion

8 bit


48 dB


25 V/lux*s @ 525 nm


Global electronic shutter

Trigger signal

TTL, 3.3-5V, 10mA, optically isolated

Trigger modes

internal free-run, switch, rising or falling edge


Gigabit Ethernet


12 VDC

Lens mount

F-Mount, FMG-Mount, C-Mount, M42


1.400 g without mount


150 mm x 92 mm x 92 mm

SSD harddrive bay

data storage and backup

PC software

TimeViewer for Windows (support for version 7, 8 and 10) for capture, video playback, export and analysis

Scope of delivery

Camera with 256 GB SSD, TimeViewer software, power supply, GigE-cable and manual

G-Mount lens adapter

CP-FMG for CamRecord-Sprinter series (Figure)

M42x1-Mount lens adapter

CP-M42 for CamRecord-Sprinter series (Figure)

M42x0.75-Mount lens adapter

CP-T2 for CamRecord-Sprinter series (Figure)

C-Mount lens adapter

CP-CM for CamRecord-Sprinter series (Figure)

Mechanical trigger switch

The mechanical shutter release enables you to start the CamRecord recording sequence with a simple press of the button. Particularly suitable for recordings which cannot be programmed using a predefined point in time.

Trigger converter

The trigger converter offers a high-impedance input for external synchronization and external triggers. Particularly suitable for synchronous recordings using multiple cameras.

Battery expansion pack with charger

For mobile applications, the battery expansion pack with charger is ideal for CR-3000×2 and CR-600-x2 cameras. Battery life is around 90 minutes.

Spare battery for battery expansion pack / BI

The spare battery, like the battery in the expansion pack, offers additional life of around 90 minutes.

Uninterruptible power supply using the battery pack

The uninterruptible power supply offers a battery life or around 30 minutes.


Software development environment for CamRecord-CR and CamRecord-Sprinter series.


Labview driver for CamRecord-CR and CamRecord-Sprinter series


Trigger lead