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Example of use

Easy access to new perspectives

Not only are Optronis high-speed cameras ideal for fault diagnostics, they’re also the perfect companions and tools for product development and verifying theoretical and empirical investigations. Our streak camera line gives you yet another tool for researching materials and changes in state using the behavior of light. The range of application possibilities is huge. And the results obtained from the huge variety of applications where Optronis cameras are used in industry and in science and research are exciting and have delivered a wealth of insights. Prepare to be inspired!

Behaviour analysis

New findings for the shoeing of show jumpers

Jürgen Gotthardt is a state-qualified farrier who has used the CR 600 to analyze the impact on the hoof of a conventional open hind leg horseshoe and that of a closed sports shoe on landing from a jump.



The perfect weld seam

The GKSS Research Centre in Geesthacht monitors welding processes using the CR600 in order to optimize them and provide for greater material safety. The centre carries out a number of projects including working with AIRBUS Germany to investigate welded alloys used in lightweight engineering.


Error analysis

Reason for production stoppages exposed at rolling mill

At BSW’s rolling mill, problems repeatedly cropped up in production with a shear system for hot stock. Instead of gliding smoothly into the channels provided, the rolling stock would often become stuck. Inspections with the naked eye were unable to pinpoint the source of the problem.