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Machine Vision

High-Speed Machine Vision

Cameras provided by Optronis for applications in machine vision as well as research allow to capture and transfer images at very high frame rate. These high-speed machine vision cameras are offered in 3 series. Each CamPerform series uses a different interface for data transfer.

CamPerform-Cyclone Series

CoaXPress Version 2.0 with up to 12.5 Gbps per channel provides high bandwidth for transmisson at high resolution and high-speed.

  • CXP-12 interface for 4x 12.5 Gbps
  • small housing


CamPerform-CP Series

The CamPerform-CP series provides a large range of camera for a variety of applications. All of them use CoaXPress with up to 6.25 Gbps per channel.

  • CXP-6 interface for 4x 6.25 Gbps
  • different housings for individual applications

CamPerform-CycloneFiber Series

CamPerform-CycloneFiber cameras transfer image data via the new CoaXPress over-Fiber interface. The interface can be configurated with standard QSFP+ modules. Operation with virtually any cable length and use in electro-magnetically poluted environments become possible.

  • CoaXPress over-Fiber interface
  • QSFP+ modules
  • up to 10 km cable length
Frame Rate
Pixel Size
Cyclone-65-706571GMAX32653.28 / 10 bitCXP-12
CycloneFiber-656571GMAX32653.28 / 10 bitCoaXPress-over-Fiber
Cyclone-25-15025150GMAX05052.58 / 10 bitCXP-12
Cyclone-21-23021230GSPRINT45214.58 / 10 bitCXP-12
CycloneFiber-2121230GSPRINT45214.58 / 10 bitCoaXPress-over-Fiber
Cyclone-16-30016293LUX1603.98 / 10 bitCXP-12
Cyclone-5-7005693LUX5158 / 10 bitCXP-12
CycloneFiber-55693LUX5158 / 10 bitCoaXPress-over-Fiber
Cyclone-2-200022,166LUX19HS108 / 10 bitCXP-12
CycloneFiber-222,166LUX19HS108 / 10 bitCoaXPress-over-Fiber
Cyclone-1HS-350013,518LUX13HS13.78 / 10 bitCXP-12
CP70-16-*-14816148LUX1603.9 8 bitCXP-6
CP70-12-*-18812188CMV120005.58 / 10 bitCXP-6
CP70-2-*-100021,085LUX19HS108 bitCXP-6
CP70-1HS-*-190011,981LUX13HS13.78 bitCXP-6
CP70-1-*-100011,051LUX13106.68 / 12 bitCXP-6
CP80-4-*-5004506AM4178 bitCXP-6
CP90-4-*-5004506AM4178 bitCXP-6
CP80-3-*-5403543Lupa 300088 bitCXP-6
CP90-3-*-5403543Lupa 300088 bitCXP-6

Frame Rate Calculator

Available frame rate based on the requested image size is provided for most cameras. Link configuration for cameras of CamPerform series is taken into account. Opening frame rate calculator multiple times allows an easy comparison.


High-Speed Camera Technology for your Machine Vision

High-speed becomes a key feature for more and more machine vision applications. We provide machine vision cameras using the industrial standards CoaXPress, CameraLink, GenICam as well as EMVA 1288. Powerful solutions for high-speed machine vision are availabe with the camera series CamPerform-Cyclone, CamPerform-CP and CamPerform-CL.


Optronis established the high-performance interface for industrial image processing with the first 4MP CoaXpress high-speed camera back in 2011. The CamProcess-Cyclone series implements version 2.0 of CoaXPress to double transmission rate. We identify technology trends and focus on useful technologies. That means you benefit from pragmatic and functional solutions:

  • 4x CoaXpress interface
  • CXP-6 and CXP-12 for top speed transmission
  • Quality seal of the Japan Industrial Imaging Association (JIIA)