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The punching of a metal sheet, the flapping of an insect’s wings, or the flick of a chameleon’s tongue after a fly, slow-motion technology gives us insight into high-speed processes that the human eye cannot see with such clarity and precision. What is used in film technology for entertainment or documentaries, you can use with slow motion cameras from Optronis for your industrial and scientific purposes. Optronis “Makes time visible”.”
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CamRecord Video

The slow-motion cameras from Optronis under the CamRecord series offer a viable solution for broad range of applications. In addition to resolution and framerate, the analysis software is particularly convincing with many features and ease of use.

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Slow motion cameras from Optronis for various applications

Slow motion cameras from Optronis are flexible to use and robust. This allows the cameras to be used in a wide variety of high-speed scenarios. Whether in the laboratory for motion analysis to scientific research or for development and quality assurance in industry.

Optronis slow motion cameras

Slow motion cameras offer powerful recording capabilities. The cameras record at a high frame rate to achieve the slow motion effect at normal playback speed. Fast events are displayed slowly in order to be able to analyze complicated processes. Different models with 1 to 3 megapixel resolution and maximum frame rates from 500 frames per second at full resolution up to 142,000 frames per second at reduced resolution. Multiple Optronis’ cameras can be synchronized to obtain time-synchronous images, e.g. from multiple perspectives.



CamRecord-Runner Series

These systems take advantage of the availabiltiy of a large variety of CamPerform-Cyclone cameras and combine them with a dedicated controller. CamRecord-Runner systems can be configured with different cameras and are therefore flexible. Similar to the features of all other CamRecord-Series solutions a large ring memory is available and multiple cameras can be synchronized. Supplemented by standard components like Monitor, keyboard, mouse and lens a ready-to-use system is availabel.


CamRecord-Sprinter Series

Slow motion cameras of the CamRecord-Sprinter series allow recording at particularly high frame rates. The images are stored in a large ring buffer in the camera. An integrated SSD is used for fast and permanent backup of the recorded sequence, thus minimizing waiting time until the next recording. The CamRecord-Sprinter cameras are controlled via a GigE interface. The readout is also performed via this interface. Alternatively, the SSD memory can be exchanged and read out separately.

TimeViewer – Analysis Software

TimeViewer is a professional analysis software which is intuitive and extremely easy to operate. You can use it to for recording and analysis, protocol sequences and project management.

The software offers you simple but precise functions for measuring time, distances and speed on high-speed sequences. TimeViewer is additionally equipped with a tracking function. This allows you to track and evaluate the course or trajectory of an object defined in the image over the sequence.


  • Automatic recording start by image trigger
  • Freely adjustable pre- and post-trigger
  • Object tracking
  • Preview images for simplified navigation
  • Synchronous multi-camera control
  • Export of AVI formats
  • Capture of trajectories
  • Measurement of distance, angle, speed
  • Insertion of logo and text into sequences


Frame Rate Calculator

Use the frame rate calculator to get frame rate and recording time at full and reduced resolution.



up to 65 MPixel (Runner-65-70)

up to 3500 fps (Runner-1HS-3500)

Trouble shooting
Quality ensurance
Research and development
Flexible configurations
Large video memory


2 MPixel (1,920 x 1,080)

Quality Management (Industry)
Error Analysis
High Sensitivity
SSD, Global Shutter


1 MP (1.280 x 860)

Quality Management (Industry)
Error Analysis
High Sensitivity
SSD, Global Shutter