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Dirk Schoch

Optronis Deutschland
International Sales Machine Vision and High-Speed Cameras
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Distributors Machine Vision worldwide


Austria: Stemmer Imaging, Vertrieb, www.optronis.com
Stemmer Imaging B.V., Etienne Bellemans, www.stemmer-imaging.nl
Baltics: Stemmer Imaging Oy www.stemmer-imaging.se
Denmark: Stemmer Imaging A/S, Mr. Karsten Nielsen, www.stemmer-imaging.dk
Finnland: Stemmer Imaging Oy, Mr. Max Staudinger, www.stemmer-imaging.fi
France: Stemmer Imaging France, www.stemmer-imaging.fr
Germany: Stemmer Deutschland, Vertrieb, www.stemmer-imaging.de
Great Britain: Stemmer Imaging Ltd. www.stemmer-imaging.co.uk
Ireland: Stemmer Imaging Ltd. Mr. Toby O’Mara, www.stemmer-imaging.ie
Luxembourg: Stemmer Imaging B.V., Mr. Stevens, www.stemmer-imaging.nl
Netherlands: Stemmer Imaging B.V., Mr. Stevens, www.stemmer-imaging.nl
Norway: Stemmer Imaging Oy, Mr. Max Staudinger, www.stemmer-imaging.no
Poland: IMACO, Mr. Kania, www.imaco.pl
Poland: Stemmer Imaging Sp. zo.o, Mr. Michal Aftewicz, www.stemmer-imaging.pl
Portugal: Photon Lines Spain, Mr. Gelot, www.photonlines.com
Switzerland/Liechtenstein: Stemmer Imaging CH, www.stemmer-imaging.ch
Spain: Photon Lines Spain, Mr. Villanova, www.photonlines.com
Sweden: Stemmer Imaging, www.stemmer-imaging.se
Türkei: Kibele PIMS End. Bilisim, Mr. Basaraner, www.kibele-pims.com


China: Rocketech International, Mr. Cao, www.rocketech.com.cn
China: China Daheng Group, Inc., Mr. LiuWei, www.daheng-image.com
India: Integrated Process Systems, Mr. Sundar, www.ipsindia.in
Indonesia: Vital Vision Technologies, Mrs. Cheong, www.v2tech.com.sg,
Israel: 1Vision, Mr. Horvat, www.1vision.co.il
Japan: ARGO Corporation, Mr. Nishida, www.argocorp.com
Malaysia: Vital Vision Technologies, Mr. Cheong, www.v2tech.com.sg
Philippines: Vital Vision Technologies, Mrs. Cheong, www.v2tech.com.sg
Russia: CameraIQ, Herr Levenkov, www.cameraiq.ru
Singapore: Vital Vision Technologies, Mrs. Cheong, www.v2tech.com.sg
South Korea: VisionEyes, Mr. Duhee Kim, www.visioneyes.co.kr
Taiwan: Nevis Technology, Mr. Chi, www.nevis.com.tw
Thailand: Vital Vision Technologies, Mrs. Cheong, www.v2tech.com.sg


Australia: adept Turnkey, Mr. Fimeri, www.adept.net.au
New Zealand: adept Turnkey, Mr. Fimeri, www.adept.net.au


Canada: Cooper Vision Technologies, Mr. Cooper, www.cvtechnologies.com
USA: JMAK, Mr. Karnacewicz, www.jmakautomation.com
USA: Axiom, Mr. Nick Lechocinski, www.axiomoptics.com


South Africa: Horne Tech, Mr. Horne, www.hornet.cc


Optronis, Mr. Schoch, www.optronis.com

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