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First Solid State Streak Camera commercially available

Optronis introduces streak camera without electron tube

Up to date, electron tubes are still integrated in streak cameras to capture fast processes with nano- and pico-second time resolution. Streak cameras are therefore very powerful but also large and expensive. Optronis offers the world’s first commercially available streak camera that uses a semiconductor sensor instead of an electron tube. The “Solid State Streak Camera (S3C) with the model name S3C-1 records data with about 1 Terabyte/sec.

The semiconductor sensor scans the optical signal along a line with a temporal resolution in the nanosecond range. The S3C-1 captures 200 channels simultaneously and stores 200 temporal values each. Sampling intervals from 500 ps to 50 μs are available and time windows from 100 ns to 10 ms are adjustable. The temporal resolution is close to 1 ns. Triggering signal does not need to be applied before the event as with conventional streak cameras, but can also take place afterwards. This is the first time that the new possibility of post-triggering for streak cameras is realized. The S3C-1 has dimensions of 12x 12 x 10 cm³ and weighs about 2 kg.

15. December 2020