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CamPerform – now with even more power

CamPerform – now with even more powerThe latest model of CamPerform from Optronis is equipped with a powerful CMOS sensor of the Python series from On-Semiconductor. The new camera of the high-performance CMOS sensors with cutting-edge global shutter technology and a resolution of 25 megapixels makes CamPerform an even stronger partner for machine vision, 2D/3D AOI, quality control and process optimisation.

The new sensors of the Python series have only been on the market for four months. As Optronis has been focusing on high-speed CMOS technology for more than 15 years, it is able to deliver fast and stable implementation of new technologies such as the Python sensor. Combined with CoaX-Press interfaces, the CamPerform from Optronis now utilises the whole potential of powerful sensors. The extraordinarily high image quality of Python sensors allied to the high frame rates offers excellent results particularly in difficult lighting conditions. That is one reason why CamPerform cameras are already being used in industry, for instance.

CoaX-Press cameras from Optronis also come with a Gen[i]cam interface, EMVA 1288 certification and, where required, an electrodynamic load test performed according to DIN ISO standards. Hardly any other camera manufacturer offers this level of quality and certified reliability for the customer. Like the previous series, the new CamPerform cameras also work with standard lens interfaces. The industry-oriented camera design, from the housing to the software, makes the CamPerform a proven partner for machine vision applications.

12. December 2015