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High-speed camera with 3,500 images/sec.

As the latest member of the CamPerform Cyclone series, the Cyclone-1HS-3500 camera captures and transmits up to 3,500 full images per second. The camera is thus adding a very rapid machine vision camera to the CamPerform Cyclone series. The frame rate can be increased even further by reducing the resolution.

Like all cameras of this series, the image data are transmitted via the latest version of the CoaXPress interface with 4 channels at 12.5 Gbit/s each. If fewer channels are used, multiple cameras can be operated on the same frame grabber and hence at lower cost. The large pixels of the LUX13HS sensor offer high light sensitivity alongside low noise.
The camera is compatible with CoaXPress Version 2.0, allows flexible adjustment of the image parameters and up to 2 separate read-out ranges, and offers a variety of options for image improvement. A colour version is available alongside the monochrome version. Thanks to its very high frame rate and large pixels, the Cyclone-1HS-3500 is suitable for applications where fast processes have to be captured despite poor light conditions.
The camera is available from January 2020.

12. December 2019