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High-speed Camera Evaluation, simple and effective

Software supports simple and effective evaluation of CamPerform CP series high-speed cameras

Components like cameras are typically integrated into machine vision systems and controlled by proprietary software. In order to simplify and speed up the process of implementation, Optronis now provides the latest version of TimeViewer software with the possibility to control CamPerform-CP cameras. This allows an easy and effective use of the camera to capture and save sequences. Subsequently, development of image processing algorithms is based on these data.

The standardized interface CoaXPress allows operation of high-speed cameras with frame grabbers of different providers. These frame grabbers are available with simple software applications to allow a first evaluation of camera and grabber without particular software development. TimeViewer software version 1.4 now provides an additional possibility of camera evaluation. Together with the Active Silicon FireBird Quad CXP-6 frame grabber all high-speed cameras of Optronis CamPerform CP series can be operated to capture sequences without any programming.

Camera control as well as object tracking and measurement of speed and distance is implemented with TimeViewer software. Additionally, capturing sequences under practical conditions and at full speed into PC memory is possible. These sequences are then starting point for the development of image processing algorithms. The software and application note (AN CamPerform CP TimeViewer) can be downloaded for free from Optronis website.

18. June 2019