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300 Frames per Second at 16 MegaPixel Resolution

Optronis presents a new high-speed machine vision camera with quad CoaXPress-12 interface

Optronis machine vision camera series CamPerform-Cyclone transfers data via the new CoaXPress-12 interface and implement this as a quad channel solution. Data rates at up to 50 Gbit/s for real time image transfer become possible. The CamPerform-Cyclone series is now completed by the Cyclone 16-300 camera. At about 300 frames per second the camera still allows full resolution image transfer with 16 Mpixel.

300 frames per second at 16 Mpixel resolution is a huge amount of data. CoaXPress with the latest version 2.0 (CoaXPress-12) is the most advanced camera interface and provides data rates of 12.5 Gbit/s. Optronis implements four of these interfaces in cameras of the CamPerform-Cyclone series to reach data rates of 50 Gbit/s.

The new Cyclone-16-300 with a quad CoaXPress-12 interface adds a high-resolution model to the CamPerform-Cyclone series. This camera integrates the LUX160 CMOS image sensor. It operates in global shutter mode and is available as monochrome or color version. The sensor exhibits low noise readout and therefore allows acquisition of low light level images with good signal to noise ratio.

The LUX160 sensor provides global shutter operation at high resolution of 4,672 x 3,416 Pixel. Due to the high bandwidth of the CoaXPress-12 interface up to 300 frames per second at full resolution can be transferred. Even higher frame rates are possible by reducing vertical or horizontal resolution. Similar to all cameras of Optronis CamPerform-Cyclone series, the Cyclone-16-300 provides different image correction features and adjustment of exposure time and gain. Lenses with different mounts can be installed. The camera fits requirements of various applications and due the low noise level it is particularly well suited for measurement applications.

18. June 2019