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Streak Systems – OptoScope

Streak camera technology was developed for measuring ultra-fast optical phenomena. OptoScope streak cameras provide temporal resolution down to the Picosecond regime. Additionally, OptoScope systems have high sensitivity allowing single photon detection. Due to the measurement principle streak cameras are the only instruments that can capture the behavior over time of multiple optical signals. Combined with a spectrometer this allows their application in the field of time resolved spectroscopy.


SC-10 Systems

Temporal resolution<2 ps Trigger frequency 0...4 MHz Synchroscan 25...250 MHz Wavelength 200...950 nm

• High temporal resolution
• Single and dual timebase
• Spectrometer coupling
• Single-photon sensitivity

• Semiconductor- and solid-state material research
• Laser- and plasma physics
• Research in Chemistry and Biology
• Detonics

SC-20 Systems

Large detection area 35 mm
Temporal res. <600 ps Trigger frequency 0...10 Hz Wavelength 230...950 nm

• High spatial resolution
• Triggered sweep
• High sweep linearity
• Fiberoptic input
• UV option

• Detonics
• Plasma physics


Temporal Resolution 1.5 ns
Time base 100 ns ... 10 ms
Trigger frequency 0 ... 15 Hz
Wavelength 350...850 nm

• Nanosekunden Auflösung
• Getriggerte Ablenkung
• Post-Triggerung

• Laser- and plasma-physics
• Fast micro-movements
• Detonics