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Optronis presents slow-motion camera with high-speed tracking in full-HD Slow-motion cameras offer simple and precise analytical tools for product development and for error or behaviour analyses. With the software-assisted tracking function combined with the new Sprinter-FHD camera, Optronis is presenting a measuring instrument that is set to not only simplify analysis enormously, but also make […]

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22. November 2018

New high-speed Sprinter-FHD camera from Optronis offers automated object tracking The CamRecord Sprinter series from Optronis is getting a new addition to the family: the Sprinter-FHD. With full HD resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels, the Sprinter-FHD achieves over 1,800 images per second. The camera is controlled via the TimeViewer software, which now also offers […]

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22. October 2018