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Simple, precise tracking in full-HD

Optronis presents slow-motion camera with high-speed tracking in full-HD

Slow-motion cameras offer simple and precise analytical tools for product development and for error or behaviour analyses. With the software-assisted tracking function combined with the new Sprinter-FHD camera, Optronis is presenting a measuring instrument that is set to not only simplify analysis enormously, but also make it faster and more precise.

Not only has the CamRecord Sprinter series from Optronis recently been enhanced with a full-HD camera, there are also new features in the TimeViewer software. The latest product has already been presented at this year’s VISION, the world’s leading trade fair for image processing, held in Stuttgart at the start of November. The new tracking function of the software gives the user even simpler, more precise and verifiable analysis functions.

Pixel-precise markers allow complete image sequences to be analysed image by image using the TimeViewer software. The intuitive software delivers extremely accurate information that the user can then subject to further analysis. Velocity or angle vectors, for instance, can be exported. That means motion analyses, product or material behaviour in experiments and error analyses for development and quality assurance can be represented many times more easily and underpinned with exact data.

The TimeViewer software is supplied as standard with all CamRecord Sprinter cameras. Based on the Sprinter-FHD cameras also presented for the first time at VISION, such analyses can be realised at more than 1,800 images per second, even with a resolution of 1,920 x 1,080 pixels.

“The full-HD resolution of the new Sprinter-FHD, coupled with the tracking, offers our customers a whole range of options. It allows us both to enable deeper insights for analyses and to enormously simplify the process of working with these high-end measuring devices”, said Dr. Patrick Summ, managing director of Optronis GmbH.

22. November 2018