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65 MP camera with high real-time transfer rate

High-resolution camera for industrial applications

In its Cyclone-65-70 model, Optronis offers a very high-resolution camera with 65 megapixels. The image data are transferred in real time at a rate of 71 frames per second via the standardised CoaXPress interface – a sensible solution for demanding measurement tasks in industrial image processing. The camera has a global shutter and is available in monochrome and colour versions.

With the Cyclone-65-70, users in industrial image processing will welcome the expansion of the machine vision camera series towards a much higher resolution. The high image quality combined with its very high resolution qualifies the cameras for demanding measurement tasks in industrial image processing. The compact camera housing and the flexible design of the thermal management system via passive or active cooling also help to broaden the range of uses of the Cyclone-65-70.

The image sensor of the Cyclone-65-70 boasts 9344 x 7000 pixels while at the same time enabling simultaneous exposure thanks to the global shutter function. Transfer via the CoaXPress V2.0 interface exploits the potential of the sensor and allows a transfer rate of 71 frames per second at full resolution. High light sensitivity alongside minimised noise leave scope for system configuration and allow the Cyclone-65-70 to be used in a wide range of applications.
The high resolution means that a data rate which exhausts the full potential of the CoaXPress interface of 4x 12.5 Gbit/s is already achieved at 71 frames per second. If the resolution is reduced, the frame rate can be improved to over 10,000 frames per second.

“With the constant refinement of our cameras, we offer particularly practical and sensible solutions for industry”, explains Dr. Patrick Summ, managing director of Optronis GmbH. “We underpin this especially with the high degree of standardisation of our cameras through the CoaXPress interface and the unchanged mechanical dimensions of all cameras of the Cyclone-series. Our new models once again expand our portfolio of products for industrial image processing, enabling us to offer our customers an extremely attractive range of cameras.”

The Cyclone-65-70 is available since October 2020.

5. November 2020