CamRecord to be a peak athlete from 2016

The Sprinter series of Optronis CamRecord cameras will be available in early 2016. In the new product line Optronis has set yet another milestone in terms of speed, possible data volume and user-friendly operation. Operated using Android tablets and equipped with an additional SSD hard disk and IRIGB synchronisation, the Sprinter series certainly packs a punch.

With the CamRecord series Optronis offers a robust, mobile high-speed camera for use in error, behaviour and motion analysis applications. The new Sprinter series was designed for even faster processes or complex tasks, as is evident above all from the high speed in frames per second allied to a high memory volume. The ring buffer of the CamRecord has a volume of up to 32 GB as standard. This can now be saved in the Sprinter series thanks to an additional SSD hard disk (512 GB). The Sprinter series can also be operated from standard Android tablets via WLAN.

The Sprinter is to go into series production at the start of the year and will be a helpful analysis tool for applications with higher process speeds and complex motion sequences. As well as standard interfaces for 2D and 3D synchronisation, the Sprinter series also offers synchronisation via the IRIGB interface. The CamRecord cameras from Optronis come in robust, industrial housings and are configured with intuitive professional analysis software as standard.

15. December 2015