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FAQs CamRecord

What do I do if the error message “install.res.????.dll” appears during installation?

The “install.res????.dll” error message is not displayed by TimeBench. TimeBench software needs “Microsoft Visual C++ redistributables” to be installed. This error message may appear where this is already installed but TimeBench will still run as normal.


Can I remove the network cable when the camera is in “Video Live” mode or “Waiting for trigger”?

You can remove the network cable during these sequences. The software will find the camera again as soon as the connection is restored.


What do I do if TimeBench can’t find the CR camera?

Check whether your computer has a static IP address. Then check whether the camera’s network connection LEDs are flashing.


What do I do if problems occur when using TimeBench?

First check whether the TimeBench software is the latest version. Use the following link to check: www.optronis.com/support/downloads.html. This might be the answer to your problem. (Please e-mail support@optronis.com with the serial number of the camera in order to obtain the user name and password.)


How do I respond if the external synchronization does not function?

To use the external synchronization, you’ll need to configure this with TimeBench. To do this, go to Camera Setup -> Trigger -> Synchronization and select “External”.


How can I use the post-trigger function?

In order to use the post-trigger function for the CR series, the Trigger Position in TimeBench needs to be changed. The Trigger Position is stated in a subset of the camera data.


What steps do I need to take if the shutter does not release when I press the space bar?

Check whether the trigger source is set to Software.