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CP80-3-*-540 / CP90-3-*-540

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The CP80-3-*-540 and CP90-3-*-540 are cameras integrating the 3 megapixel LUPA3000 monochrome or colour On-Semi image sensor. Its outstanding feature, in addition to the high image rate in global shutter mode, is the speed increase in the X and Y orientation, which makes the sensor particularly well suited for high speeds above 10,000 images per second. The sensor image is homogeneous and has an extremely low defect pixel rate. The A/D converter depth is 8 bit. The CP80-3-*-540 and CP90-3-*-540 cameras of the CamPerform-CP series are specified to EMVA1288 and tested for consistent image quality.

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Resolution (H x V) Frames / second

1,696 x 1,708

543 fps

1,280 x 720

1,652 fps

800 x 600

2,954 fps

512 x 512

4,894 fps

128 x 128

37,700 fps

Model options

Article number Description / second


monochrom camera, BNC connectors


color camera, BNC conncetors


monochrom camera, DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors


color camera, DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors


Component / feature Value

Sensor model

On Semi Lupa 3000

Resolution max.

1.696 (H) x 1.710 (V)

Framerate with full resolution

540 fps

CXP connector

BNC (CP80-3-*-540)
DIN 1.0/2.3 (CP90-3-*-540)

Exposure time

2 µs - 1/framerate

Active area

13.57 x 13.68 mm

Pixel size

8 µm square

A/D converter

8 bit


43 dB (EMVA 1288)

Dynamic range

55 dB (EMVA 1288)


3.8 V/lux*s @ 525 nm

Trigger modes

internal free-run, external, CXP

External trigger

TTL signal, 3.3-5V, 10mA, optically isolated

Lens mount

F-mount, C-mount, M42-mount, custom, all exchangeable


PoCXP (Power over CoaXPress, 12 W)

Dimensions (W x H)

85 mm x 85 mm
(3D Step file available)


CE, RoHS, GenICam

Scope of delivery

Camera, manual, synchronisation cable

F-Mount lens adapter


C-Mount lens adapter


G-Mount lens adapter


M42x1 lens adapter


M42x0.75 lens adapter


Power supply CP70, CP90
Power supply CP80

CPH4-PSA for CP70- and CP90-Series (Figure)
CPL3-PSA for CP80-Series

Pigtail cable CP70, CP90
Pigtail cable CP80

for Synch-In and Synch-Out signals
CPH6-PTC for CP70- and CP90-Series (Figure)
CPL4-PTC for CP80-Series

Programming cable CP70, CP90
Programming cable CP80

to be used for firmeware update
CPH6-USB for CP70- and CP90-Series (Figure)
CPL4-USB for CP80-Series