CL300x2 M/C

3D View


The CL300x2/MC camera of the CamPerform-CL series is equipped with a 1.3 megapixel large LUPA1300 sensor from On-Semi. The camera is suitable for fast measuring tasks in 2D or 3D. The camera offers many winning features which enable the camera to be used flexibly on different measuring tasks. One special feature is the increased image rate in the X and Y orientation of the sensor. The CL300x2 cameras are specified to EMVA1288 and tested for consistent image quality.

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Works with standard lenses

Designed with a sturdy camera housing and no ventilation slots, the CamPerform CL series is ideally suited for industrial applications. What makes these cameras particularly user-friendly is the possibility of using standard lens attachments.

  • C-Mount
    For microscopy applications or for optimal adjustment of the C-mount format to the ROI (Region of Interest) of the image sensor. C-Mount lenses are particularly suitable for applications with high image refresh rates (frames per second) with a simultaneously wide aperture.
  • F-Mount/FMG-Mount
    With adjustable or mechanically adjustable aperture ring, Nikon-F lenses can be adjusted very easily to the object to be recorded.
  • M42x1 Mount
    Industrial lenses with the choice of x1 or x0.75 (T2) thread pitch.

Ease of use

Quality, comparability and transparency are key factors in the purchase and use of image processing components. In the CamPerform CL series, Optronis offers high-speed cameras with CameraLink connection which are easy to operate and deliver great performance.

  • EMVA 1288
    Simple comparability via tested, characteristic camera features
  • CameraLink
    CameraLink MDR-26 connectors for Base (CL300x2) and Full (CL600x2) CameraLink configuration
  • Start-up and Factory mode
    Up to 8 user-specific and 10 pre-set operating modes available
  • Look-Up Table
    10 bit to 8 bit look-up table
  • Edge and Level trigger modes
    Triggering on a rising/falling edge or input level
  • XY speed increase
    Increasing the image rate by reducing the image format in the X and Y orientation
  • Very high light sensitivity
    Up to 12,000 ISO/ASA (SNR noise 10, gain 1) high light sensitivity


Component / featureValue


1.280 x 1.024

Frame rate @ max. res.

125 fps

Image sensor

Progressive Scan CMOS

Exposure time

1 µs - 1/Framerate

Active area

19.92 mm x 14.34 mm

Sensor diagonal dimension

22.95 mm

Pixel size

14 µm x 14 µm

A/D Conversion

10 bit or 8 bit


60 dB (90 dB optical)


25 V/lux*s


Global electronic shutter
>1 µs exposure time


internal, external


CameraLink Base

Video output


Supply voltage


Power consumption

5 W

Lens mount

Nikon F-Mount (optional C-Mount)


250 g

Operating temperature

0°C ... 40°C


<80 % relative, non-condensed


56 mm x 56 mm x 44 mm



Scope of delivery

CameraCL300x2, power supply, manual

Power Supply

Trigger Lead