CamPerform | CP90-4-M/C-500

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The CP90-4-M/C-500 camera is equipped with a 4 megapixel AM41 monochrome or colour Alexima image sensor. Its outstanding feature, in addition to the high image rate in global shutter mode, is the linear speed increase in the Y orientation, which makes the sensor particularly well suited to light section tasks. The sensor image is homogeneous and has an extremely low error tolerance (typically <4 pixels over the entire sensor surface). The A/D converter depth is 8 bit. The CP90-4-M/C-500 cameras are specified to EMVA1288 and tested for consistent image quality

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Works with standard lenses

Designed with a sturdy camera housing and no ventilation slots, the CamPerform series is ideally suited for industrial applications. What makes these cameras particularly user-friendly is the possibility of using standard lens attachments.

  • C-Mount
    For microscopy applications or for optimal adjustment of the image sensor to the ROI (Region of Interest). C-Mount lenses are particularly suitable for applications with high image refresh rates (frames per second) with a simultaneously wide aperture.
  • F-Mount/FMG-Mount
    With adjustable or mechanically adjustable aperture ring, Nikon-F lenses can be adjusted very easily to the object to be recorded.
  • M42x1 Mount
    Industrial lenses with the choice of x1 or x0.75 (T2) thread pitch.


Maximum standardization

Quality, comparability and transparency are key factors in the purchase and use of image processing components. In the CamPerform series, Optronis offers high-speed cameras that utilize the latest technology yet remain affordable. The basic principle in developing the CamPerform series was to put consistent emphasis on using standards:

  • GenICam
    Compatible interface for easy programming
  • EMVA 1288
    Simple comparability via tested, characteristic camera features
  • Shockproof
    Robust and fit for industry uses thanks to tested shock and vibration performance to DIN EN 60721-3-2
  • CoaXPress
    High-performance data transfer using DIN 1.0/2.3 connections



Resolution (H x V) Frames / second

2.304 x 1.720

500 fps

1.920 x 1.080

800 fps

1.280 x 720

1.200 fps

2.304 x 80

10.000 fps

2.304 x 32

23.000 fps
28.000 fps + mode)

Model options

Article number Description / second


monochrome camera


color camera


C-Mount lens adapter


F-Mount lens adapter


pig tail cable for sync


Component / feature Value

Sensor resolution

2.304 x 1.720
faster frame rates with smaller Y-window size

Frame rate @ max. sensor res.

500 fps

Image sensor

AM41 global shutter CMOS

Exposure time

2 µs - 1/Framerate

Active area

16.13 mm x 12.04 mm

Sensor diagonal dimension

20.13 mm

Pixel size

7.0 µm

A/D conversion

8 bit

Dynamic (EMVA 1288)

50 dB


8 V/lux*s @ 525 nm

Saturation capacitiy (FWC)

20.000 e-

SNR (EMVA 1288)

43 dB


170 e-


1,5 %

Non-linearity error (5-95%)

<1 %

Shutter efficiency

Global electronic shutter

Trigger signal

TTL, 3.3 - 5 V, 10 mA, optically isolated

Trigger modes

internal free-run, external, CXP


CoaXPress (4 Channels, CXP 6)
DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors 25 Gbit/s


PoCXP (9.5 Watt)

Lens mount

F-Mount, C-Mount, M42 and custom


400 g without mount


85 mm x 85 mm x 62.5 mm
(3D-Step file on request)


lightweight anodised aluminium

Scope of delivery

camera and manual

External Power Supply


USB-Firmware Upgrade Cable


Trigger Lead